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Data Sourcing

The most expensive and time consuming job that you have to deal with is integrating a new internal or external system to your existing systems. Each phase in the process of data sourcing has challenges and therefore requires experienced people in this subject. The seven phases are:
  Data Needs Specification.
  Data Systems Sourcing.
  Data Source Verification.
  Data Preparation Requirements.
  Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL).
  Load Process Formalization.
  Data Transformation Checking.

Our decades of experiences with the selection and reconciliation of external data sources worldwide provides you guidance for the further integration with the external sources. We are mastering the data knowledge of the most large suppliers such as Chamber of Commerce, Rating / Securitizations / Tickers agencies, Customer Data suppliers, Payment Data suppliers and Reference Data suppliers. 

We can also help you with a reliable prospect list with up-to-date contact details, which fit your criteria to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and develop new business. 

We have the ability to help you with your data sourcing needs regardless in which process you are.