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Triple Intelligence Services
First class people, data & process solutions

Triple Intelligence Services provide subject matter expertise and best practices on first class business driven people, data & process management. We achieve this through service excellence. This allows our customers to maximize the business value of people, data and process.

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Getting the right data to
the right people at the right time

Whether you are working in a large company or small business, we know you face many data challenges on a daily basis from your source systems, data foundation, data warehouse to data quality and regulatory compliance. We service first class business driven end to end solutions. We create a centre of excellence by getting the right data to the right people at the right times. This enables you to drive revenues, reduce operational costs, optimize your business processes and create growth opportunities.

Highlighted: BCBS239 Regulation

Many organizations are still struggling with the implementation of the BCBS239 Principles, even five years after the introduction of the Principles. What should be the building blocks towards compliancy?


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